Kabelstraat 4, 1749 DM Warmenhuizen
+31 (0)226 – 39 05 67

UniTrack, based in Warmenhuizen (the Netherlands), is an internationally operating one-stop-shop supplier of parts for the food and packaging industry. Our company has over 20 years of experience in supplying parts for many brands of multihead weighers, vertical form, fill and seal machines, top seal machines, vacuum pumps and thermal printers. Since 1998 we have been supplying our national and international customers with high quality parts at the best price.

After all, the reliability and efficiency of your production lines is closely linked to the availability of parts. We are a reliable partner in OEM quality parts. In addition, we specialise in improving parts to extend their service life. By delivering mostly from stock, the parts are delivered within a few days. As a total supplier, we want to relieve our customers of all their worries. Our experts are happy to help you, so you are assured of a production process without downtime!


We want to be a partner and a full-service one-stop-shop supplier of alternative OEM-specified parts for the food and packaging industry.


Our company has an outspoken vision. This vision connects us with food processing companies that want to contribute socially to the health, hygiene and high standard of living of the global population. We believe in optimizing sustainable and efficient production processes, minimizing waste and striving for international growth by combining leadership, expertise and innovation.


  • Avoid downtime by fast delivery
  • Saving on your maintenance budget
  • Improve customer-specific parts to extend service life
  • Stock guaranteed through on-call contract
  • Simple ordering
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Good customer service

Unlimited Spare Parts International B.V.

Unlimited Spare Parts International is a group of companies active as a supplier of aftermarket spare parts for machines in the food and packaging industry. The subsidiaries UniTrack, Wensing and Global Blades serve a broad group of food processing companies throughout Europe. Ten Hove, Delba, Tegeno and FluorTech have also recently joined Unlimited Spare Parts International.