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Parts Returns

Article 17: Termination and cancellation of the agreement

17.1. The Buyer shall not be entitled to terminate or cancel the agreement, unless the Seller agrees. In case of the Seller’s consent, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay the Seller immediately due compensation in the amount of the agreed price, less the savings resulting for the Seller from the termination of the agreement. Compensation shall be equivalent to at least 20% of the agreed price.
17.2. If the price has been determined on the basis of actual costs to be borne by the Seller (the price determined on the basis of own costs), the compensation referred to in the first paragraph of this Article shall be estimated as the sum of the costs which the Seller would be expected to bear in the execution of the entire order, working hours and their profit.
17.3. Seller’s products that have been correctly delivered shall only be taken back if, as a result of prior consultation in this regard, the Seller has agreed to take them back. The Seller applies the following criteria, among others, with regards to this consent:
– The packaging is not damaged;
– The goods were not assembled;
– It does not concern parts;
– It concerns electronic goods, sensors or accessories (such as cable, connectors, etc.);
– The Buyer covers the costs of transport and/or return shipping and guarantees payment for them;
– The order / return shipment is for an amount higher than EUR 46,00;
– These are products intended for current consumption, at the Seller’s discretion;
– It does not concern special products or custom size products;
– No more than one month has passed since the products were delivered.

Returns will be considered after deducting a handling fee of 20% of the net invoice value if and as long as the Seller has agreed to return the products and payment has been made.